Are you considering upgrading your bathroom but need help figuring out where to start? You are not alone, with bathroom renovations being the second most popular choice for homeowners in Melbourne.

This ultimate guide to bathroom renovations in Melbourne, Vic, will walk you through every step of bathroom renovations Melbourne, from planning and budgeting ensuite renovations to selecting fixtures and finishes. Let’s get started and reveal everything there is to know about transforming your average loo into an inspiring private sanctuary!

Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Renovations In Melbourne

Key Takeaways

Why Renovate Your Bathroom In Melbourne?

Renovating your bathroom has several benefits. It can increase the value of your property, improve functionality and aesthetics, as well as address any plumbing or structural issues that may be present.

If you’re based in Melbourne, there are options for small bathroom renovations, and you can find bathroom builders who specialise in both large and small bathroom renovations. Working with insured professionals with experience in leading bathroom renovation projects is important. They can guide you through the entire process and help you create your dream bathroom that suits your specific needs. 

Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation or want to update an old bathroom, there are options available. For those in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, there are also specialised services for bathroom renovations in that area.

Increase property value

Investing in a bathroom renovation can greatly amplify your property’s value. A tastefully renovated bathroom often captivates potential purchasers, making it an essential factor that boosts the overall worth of your house.

When assessing properties, they usually look for modern fixtures, robust plumbing systems, and appealing aesthetics. Hence, spending on quality materials and professional tradespeople for renovating a bathroom isn’t just about enhancing its functionality but also about augmenting the total market value of your home in Melbourne’s dynamic real estate scene.

If you have extra space, adding a bathroom elevates this effect even more significantly.

Improve functionality and aesthetics

A bathroom renovation in Melbourne could mean a complete transformation of your current space. By prioritising functionality, you can customise features to suit your daily routine.

For instance, incorporating mirrored cabinets and under-sink storage options can optimise the use of space, enhance convenience and eliminate clutter. Strategically upgrading fixtures such as showerheads or faucets also improves water efficiency while lending a modern touch to the room.

Aside from functionality, aesthetics play an essential role too in personalising one’s bathroom experience. The selection of tiles and finishes significantly influences the overall look of your bathroom.

Light-coloured tiles can make small bathrooms appear larger and more open, while patterned or textured tiles add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Incorporating both natural and artificial lighting options creates a bright yet cosy atmosphere for relaxation after a long day at work.

Address plumbing or structural issues

Discovering and repairing plumbing issues like leaks or outdated pipes is crucial in a bathroom renovation. This not only prevents future complications but also ensures the efficiency of your newly renovated space.

Similarly, addressing structural problems such as unstable floors or walls contributes to the safety and stability of your dream bathroom. For thorough assurance of quality workmanship, while dealing with these challenges, it’s advisable to hire professional builders and plumbers in Melbourne.

This strategic move could significantly impact your renovation budget, but it will pay off by avoiding potential damage expenses down the road.

Setting a Budget For Bathroom Renovations In Melbourne: Calculating Bathroom Renovation Cost

When setting a budget for your bathroom renovation in Melbourne, it’s important to consider the different cost ranges based on the level of renovation you desire.

Basic bathroom renovation cost

The cost of a basic bathroom renovation in Melbourne varies depending on factors such as the size of the bathroom, the existing layout of the bathroom and the quality of materials used. On average, homeowners should expect to spend approximately around $20,000 to $27,000 for a small bathroom with basic renovations.

This includes essential updates like replacing fixtures, tiles, and fittings while keeping costs relatively low. However, it’s important to note that each renovation project is unique, and costs can fluctuate based on individual preferences and specific requirements.

Mid-range bathroom renovation cost

A mid-range bathroom renovation in Melbourne can cost anywhere between $8,000 and $16,000. This price range is suitable for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their bathrooms with quality fixtures and finishes but don’t want to go all out on high-end renovations.

With this budget, you can expect a complete transformation of your bathroom into a stylish and functional space that will meet your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that the final cost will depend on factors such as the size of your bathroom, the extent of the renovation work, and the specific fixtures and materials you choose.

High-end bathroom renovation cost

A high-end bathroom renovation in Melbourne can be quite an investment, with costs ranging from $25,000 to over $35,000. This budget allows for premium fixtures and materials and the hiring of skilled tradespeople who specialise in creating stunning and functional bathrooms.

When planning a high-end renovation, it’s important to allocate approximately 40% of your budget towards fixtures and fittings, ensuring you choose quality pieces that will enhance your new bathroom’s overall look and functionality.

Additionally, around 35% of your budget should go towards labour and installation to ensure the highest standards of workmanship. Remember that while this may be a significant investment upfront, renovating your bathroom to this level can add considerable value to your home in the long run.

Planning Your Complete Bathroom Renovation

When planning your bathroom renovation, consider factors such as available space, layout and fixture placement, tiles and finishes, storage solutions, and technology options. These essential components will assist you in producing a remarkable and practical bathroom that fulfils your every requirement.

Read on to discover expert tips for planning the perfect bathroom renovation in Melbourne.

Consider available space

Maximising available space is crucial when planning for a bathroom renovation. By implementing smart design techniques and incorporating space-saving fixtures, it is possible to enhance functionality and create a more spacious bathroom.

Consider options like compact toilets and wall-mounted sinks to save on space. Lighter colours and reflective surfaces can also help to make a small bathroom appear larger. Incorporating built-in shelves, recessed cabinets, or vanity units with ample storage will help keep your bathroom organised and clutter-free.

Remember lighting using task lighting at the vanity and employing ambient lighting techniques can create an illusion of more space in your bathroom makeover. Lastly, consider incorporating space-saving elements such as corner showers or freestanding tubs to maximise every inch of available space for your dream bathroom in Melbourne.

Determine layout and fixture placement

Determining the layout and fixture placement is crucial in any bathroom renovation project. Before diving into the design process, deciding where your fixtures will go and how they will be arranged is important.

This includes considering the location of doors and windows and plumbing connections. By determining these factors early on, ensure that your newly designed bathroom possesses both functionality and practicality.

To determine the layout:

  1. Start by measuring your available space.
  2. Consider any existing plumbing or structural limitations that may affect where fixtures can be placed.
  3. Take into account how much room you need for each fixture, such as the toilet, sink, shower/bathtub, and storage cabinets.

Once you have an idea of the layout, think about how you want your fixtures to be positioned within this space. Consider factors like ease of use and accessibility when deciding where to place each item.

For example, placing the sink near the entrance might make it more convenient for hand washing upon entering.

Choose fixtures and fittings

Carefully selecting the right fixtures and fittings is crucial in creating a stunning and functional bathroom. The choices you make will greatly impact both the look and functionality of your renovation.

When planning, consider space-saving fixtures for small bathroom renovations to maximise the available area. Additionally, Wesley Sinclair recommends allocating 40% of your budget to fixtures and 35% to fittings for a full bathroom renovation.

Take care when choosing materials, as careful selection can ensure durability and longevity. By integrating innovative lighting solutions and optimising storage capacity, you can design a visually appealing bathroom that fulfils your specific requirements.

Select tiles and finishes

When choosing tiles and finishes for your bathroom renovation, there are a few crucial factors to consider. First, glass tiles are recommended for their durability and aesthetic appeal, although they do come with a higher price tag.

In addition, it is recommended to select the tile size based on the dimensions of your bathroom area. Larger tiles work well in bigger bathrooms. Selecting tiles and finishes that enhance the overall style and aesthetic of your bathroom is crucial.

However, when selecting materials suitable for wet areas, functionality and practicality should not be overlooked. Finally, take the time to research and compare different types of tiles and finishes before making a final decision.

Incorporate storage solutions

Incorporating storage solutions in a bathroom renovation is a smart way to maximise space and increase storage options. By utilising space-saving fixtures and accessories, homeowners can make the most out of every square centimetre in their bathroom.

Adding shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, or vanity units with built-in drawers can help declutter the space and provide ample storage for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.

With well-designed storage solutions, homeowners can create a more functional and organised bathroom that meets their needs.

Explore bathroom technology options

Bathroom renovations these days are all about incorporating advanced technology to create a modern and luxurious space. From high-tech fixtures to smart bathroom systems, there are plenty of available options to explore when it comes to upgrading your bathroom.

One popular trend is the use of smart toilets that come with features like automatic flushing, heated seats, bidet functions, and even built-in air fresheners. Another exciting technology option is LED lighting, which allows you to set different colours and intensities for a relaxing ambience or energising effect.

Additionally, you can consider installing motion-sensor faucets and showers that help conserve water while providing convenience. With so many innovative options available today, you can transform your bathroom into a futuristic oasis that combines style and functionality.

Revamping your bathroom with advanced technology enhances the overall experience and adds value to your property. The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne covers all the essential information you need about these impressive bathroom technology options.

Obtaining Council Approval (if required)

Homeowners in Melbourne may need to obtain council approval for their bathroom renovations, depending on the work scope. It is important to consider planning and development processes and apply for any necessary permits.

A waterproofing license or plumbing approval is required in Melbourne for drainage and plumbing work. In Victoria, some specific guidelines and regulations must be followed for extensions and renovations costing more than $10,000.

It is essential to be aware of these requirements and ensure compliance before starting any bathroom renovation project to avoid any legal issues or delays.

Hiring Professionals vs. DIY Renovation

Guide To Bathroom Renovations In Melbourne

When it pertains to bathroom renovations in Melbourne, homeowners have the option to hire professionals or take on a DIY renovation. Hiring professionals offers several benefits, such as their expertise and experience in the industry, ensuring high-quality workmanship and a stunning result.

However, DIY renovation can be a cost-effective option for those with a tight budget or simple renovation needs. It is important to consider factors such as time constraints, skill level, and the project’s complexity before deciding which option is best for you.

Benefits of hiring professionals

Hiring professionals for your bathroom renovation project has numerous benefits. Firstly, it ensures a professional finish to the job. With their expertise and experience, bathroom renovation specialists can create a stunning and functional space that meets your needs and desires.

Secondly, engaging professionals can alleviate stress and increase satisfaction. By having a contractor with a dedicated team of bathroom renovation experts, you can trust that the project will be handled efficiently from start to finish.

Thirdly, hiring professionals often results in a quicker turnaround time compared to DIY approaches. This means less disruption to your daily life as the work gets completed promptly.

Considerations for DIY Renovation

DIY renovations can be an appealing option for homeowners in Melbourne who want to save money on their bathroom renovation project. One of the main considerations is cost, as hiring a general contractor can be more expensive due to labour fees.

With DIY, you have the opportunity to do the work yourself and avoid additional expenses. However, it’s important to keep in mind that trying to cut corners and save money by doing it all yourself can sometimes lead to costly mistakes.

Balancing costs with skill level and available time is crucial when deciding if DIY is the right choice for your bathroom renovation.

Choosing the right professionals for your project

Hiring professionals with experience and expertise in bathroom renovations is crucial for a successful project. These professionals can guide you through renovation and help obtain any necessary council permits.

When choosing professionals, it’s important to find skilled and experienced tradespeople for the specific type of renovation project you have. By researching and finding the right professionals, ensure a seamless renovation process is completed to a high standard of workmanship.

Remember, the complexity of the job will determine how many tradespeople you need to hire, so it’s important to consider this when making your decision.

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Many homeowners make common mistakes when renovating their bathrooms that can end up costing them time, money, and frustration. One such mistake is spending too much or not enough on the project.

Setting a realistic budget and strictly following it is important, ensuring you’re getting value for your money without overspending. Another mistake to avoid is doing a full renovation when a cosmetic one would be sufficient.

Assess your needs and prioritise the changes that will have the most impact.

Contracting with unreliable or shady contractors is another pitfall to watch out for. Doing thorough research and background checks before hiring anyone for your bathroom renovation project is essential.

Proper planning is crucial as well to prevent potential problems down the line. Take into consideration all aspects of the renovation, from layout and fixture placement to storage solutions and finishes.

Lastly, neglecting proper plumbing during renovation can lead to future issues. Ensure that all pipes are properly inspected, repaired if needed, or replaced if necessary.

By avoiding these common mistakes and taking proactive steps in your bathroom renovation project, you’ll be well on your way towards creating a functional and beautiful space in your Melbourne home.

Step-by-Step Renovation Process

The step-by-step renovation begins with getting inspired and conducting an in-home consultation to discuss your needs and desires for your new bathroom. A concept proposal is then created, followed by a building inspection to assess any structural or plumbing issues that need to be addressed.

Next, a selection meeting takes place where fixtures, finishes, and tiles are chosen. The construction phase begins, led by experienced professionals who will ensure high-quality workmanship throughout the project.

Finally, the renovation is completed with final touches added to create a stunning and functional bathroom that meets your project needs and exceeds your expectations.

Getting inspired

The first step to kick-start your bathroom renovation project in Melbourne is to get inspired. Finding inspiration is crucial because it sets the tone and direction for your new bathroom design.

By exploring different sources like home improvement magazines, websites, and social media platforms, you can gather ideas about various styles, colours, fixtures, and layouts that resonate with your taste.

Take note of elements that you like and make a list of must-haves for your dream bathroom. Whether you’re drawn to modern minimalism or classic elegance, finding inspiration will help you envision the perfect space tailored to your needs and preferences.

Remember that getting inspired is just the beginning! The next steps in the renovation process include an in-home consultation with professionals who can bring your vision to life.

In-home consultation

During an in-home consultation, homeowners in Melbourne have the opportunity to sit down with an interior designer to discuss their bathroom renovation plans. This meeting takes place right in the homeowner’s residence, allowing the designer to assess the space and gather important information.

The consultation covers every aspect of the renovation, from design ideas to installation considerations. It’s a chance for homeowners to express their needs and preferences while also benefiting from expert advice and guidance.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed during this meeting, helping homeowners feel confident about moving forward with their bathroom renovation project.

Concept proposal

The concept proposal is a crucial step in the bathroom renovation process. It involves creating a design plan based on your preferences and desired outcomes. This proposal aims to make the entire renovation process easier to follow and less overwhelming for homeowners in Melbourne, Australia.

By breaking down the project into manageable tasks, the concept proposal ensures that every aspect of your new bathroom is carefully considered. From fixtures and fittings to layouts and finishes, this proposal helps you visualise how your dream bathroom will come together.

By incorporating your ideas and working closely with professionals, you can create a stunning and functional bathroom that reflects your style and meets your needs.

Building inspection

A building inspection is a crucial step in the bathroom renovation process. It involves a thorough assessment of the existing structure, plumbing, and electrical systems to identify any issues or potential problems that need to be addressed before starting the renovation.

During this inspection, a qualified professional will thoroughly inspect the room for about an hour per room, ensuring that everything is safe and up to code. The duration of the inspection can vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.

By conducting a building inspection, you can ensure that your new bathroom is built on a solid foundation and avoid any costly surprises down the line.

Selection meeting

During the selection meeting, which is typically held on the first day of the bathroom renovation project, the homeowner sits down with the project manager to discuss important details.

Led by the project manager, this meeting serves as an opportunity to go over plumbing, electrical, and any other necessary installations. The main goal of this meeting is to ensure that both parties are on the same page and have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

By establishing open communication and setting expectations from the start, homeowners can feel confident in their renovation journey, knowing that the renovation team will understand and execute their vision effectively.


The construction phase is where all the hard work and careful planning come together to bring your bathroom renovation plans to life. This stage involves executing the design, installing fixtures and fittings, and ensuring that everything is built to high standards.

Engaging a builder and plumber is crucial during this process to ensure professional expertise in handling structural elements and plumbing requirements. With their skills and experience in the industry, they will be able to transform your outdated bathroom into a stunning and functional space that meets your needs.

So sit back, relax, and watch as your new bathroom takes shape during the construction phase of your renovation project.

Completion and final touches

Completing a bathroom renovation involves adding those final touches to ensure everything is in working order and the project is finished to a high standard. This includes installing towel racks, mirrors, shelves, and other accessories that add functionality and style to your newly renovated space.

Renovation consultants oversee this process to ensure that every detail is taken care of and that you are satisfied with the outcome. Keep in mind that these final touches can take time, as attention to detail is crucial for a successful result.

Bathroom Renovation Styles and Inspiration

Creating a stylish and inspiring bathroom during your renovation project is essential. Melbourne homeowners have the opportunity to explore various styles and designs that suit their tastes and preferences.

From modern and minimalist to traditional or eclectic, a wide range of options are available to transform your bathroom into a space you’ll love. Consider incorporating elements like sleek fixtures, elegant tiles, and unique finishes to add character and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Maximising storage solutions while maintaining functionality has become increasingly popular in recent years. So, whether you’re looking for ideas in magazines or online platforms like Houzz or Pinterest, finding the perfect style inspiration for your dream bathroom is just a click away!

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean and Maintained

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic. By taking the time to clean regularly, you can prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, and mould in your bathroom.

Use cleaning products specifically designed for bathrooms to effectively remove soap scum, limescale, and other stubborn stains. Don’t forget to regularly inspect and maintain your bathroom fixtures, such as faucets, showerheads, and toilets.

Proper ventilation is also crucial for a clean and maintained bathroom. By ensuring that there is adequate airflow in your bathroom, you can help prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Additionally, make sure to regularly clean your bathroom tiles, grout, and sealants to keep them looking fresh and prevent any potential mould growth.


Bathroom renovations in Melbourne offer homeowners the opportunity to increase property value, improve functionality and aesthetics, and address plumbing or structural issues. Consider factors like budget, space, layout, fixtures, and finishes when planning your renovation. Hiring professionals or DIY both have their benefits, but be sure to avoid common mistakes and plan properly.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your bathroom clean and in good condition. With this ultimate guide, you have all the information to start a modern bathroom and most importantly affordable bathroom project in Melbourne, Vic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a bathroom renovation usually cost in Melbourne?

A: The cost of a bathroom renovation in Melbourne can vary significantly depending on factors such as the size of the bathroom, the materials used, and the extent of the renovations. On average, however, you can expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 for a complete bathroom renovation.

Q. Do I need to obtain permits for my bathroom renovation in Melbourne?

A: It depends on the scope of your renovation project. Minor renovations, such as replacing fixtures or tiles, may not require permits. However, if you are making structural changes or altering plumbing and electrical systems, you will likely need to obtain permits from your local council.

Q. How long does a typical bathroom renovation take in Melbourne?

A: The duration of a bathroom renovation can vary depending on the complexity of the project and any unforeseen issues that may arise during construction. On average, a standard bathroom renovation takes between 2-4 weeks to complete.

Q. What should I consider when choosing materials for my bathroom renovation?

A: When selecting materials for your Melbourne bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider durability, water resistance, style preferences, and budget constraints. Opting for high-quality materials that are specifically designed for bathrooms will ensure longevity and minimise potential maintenance issues down the line.

Q. How can I get in touch with your bathroom renovation experts?

A: To contact our bathroom renovation experts, you can contact us through our website or call us. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and discuss your bathroom renovation project.

Q. What services do you provide for bathroom renovations?

A: We provide a range of services for bathroom renovations, including bathroom remodelling, kitchen renovations, laundry renovations, and home renovations. We are experts in all aspects of bathroom renovation projects.

Q. Are you the best bathroom renovation company in Melbourne?

A: Yes, we are one of Melbourne’s leading bathroom renovation companies. Our team of expert bathroom builders are dedicated to delivering high-quality and stylish bathroom renovations.

Q. Do you only provide bathroom renovations, or do you offer other services as well?

A: Along with bathroom renovations, we also offer kitchen renovations, laundry renovations, and home renovations. Our team has expertise in a variety of renovation projects.

Q. Can you help me design my dream bathroom?

A: Absolutely! Our team of bathroom renovation experts can help you design your dream bathroom. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and create a design that suits your style and budget.

Q. Are your bathroom renovation services available in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs?

A: Our bathroom renovation services are available in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We cater to clients in all areas of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Q. Are you punctual with completing bathroom renovation projects?

A: We understand the importance of completing bathroom renovation projects on time. Our team is committed to delivering projects within the agreed timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Q. Can you recommend any bathroom builders in Melbourne?

A: As one of Melbourne’s leading bathroom renovation companies, we highly recommend our team of expert bathroom builders. They have the experience and skill to handle all types of bathroom renovation projects.